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If you have a child, and you and the other parent are not married, there are many parental rights that you should protect.  Florida courts treat all parents equally, regardless of marital status, when addressing issues of time-sharing (visitation), parental responsibility and child support.

Even if you have an oral agreement about custody, it is still very important to have that agreement converted into a court order. Without a court order documenting your custody schedule, the other parent could prohibit time-sharing, access to physicians, or even take your child, and you might be forced to wait weeks or even months before you can re-establish contact with your child. You will have to pay a court filing fee, but if you and the other parent stipulate to custody and time-sharing arrangements, you may be able to obtain the court order without having to appear in court.

If you and the other parent do not have an ongoing relationship or agreement, we can help you establish parentage, which is often done through DNA testing if the father did not sign the child’s birth certificate.

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